Additional Download

Official team names and team definitions

Because of copyright-trademark-whatever considerations both the official team names and the real player names were removed from versions >= 1.6.2 and 1.7.2.

For versions < 1.9.0, you can download them from here (a simple tar.bz2 archive).

Recommended destination directory is $HOME/.bygfoot/text_files.

Users who have the Bygfoot source package can also use the bygfoot-update script to download and unpack the archive.

Users who have versions >= 1.9.0 have to use the bygfoot-update script to get official names. Since the script isn’t included in the Windows package, you can also get the official names here. Unpack into the support_files directory (or into $HOME/.bygfoot-1.9 if you use a Linux package other than the binary package).