There are a number of ways for you to contribute to the Bygfoot Project and give back some of the pleasure it gave you.

  1. Donate to Bygfoot: If you really enjoy Bygfoot you could support its development by making donations to the developers.
  2. Add to the Bygfoot Wiki. If you’ve played a lot and would like to help us extend our Wiki documentation, go ahead!
  3. Translate Bygfoot to your language. Help your fellow countrymen who don’t speak English as well as you do.
  4. Write a team definition. If you have a favourite football team which appears in the game, you can create a definition for it and send it to us.
  5. Write a country file. If you’d like the leagues in your country to become a part of Bygfoot, you can create a country file and send it to us. If creating a definition seems too complicated, you can post the information about the league and cup rules and teams at the forum (Definitions section) and others can help you.
  6. If you know how to code, you can help by writing patches for simple feature requests.  Mail me at ronald[at]bygfoot[dot]com when you start on one.