• Bygfoot is a very simple game. It’s meant to be simple, easy to grasp and easy to play. There are VERY few features that aren’t obvious to the user after playing for half an hour.Nevertheless there are a few possibilities to get the information you want:
    1. If you want to install the game, read the Installation Guide.
    2. Go to the forums and ask away in the appropriate forum, e.g. in “Help!”.
    3. Go to the Bygfoot Wiki and see if you can find anything useful there; you’re also encouraged to add to the Wiki.
    4. There are a couple of extensive HOWTOs for the Bygfoot 1.9 definition system which can help you write your own country or team definition.
    5. If you just want to quickly look up the meaning/usage of a Bygfoot XML tag, have a look at the tags reference.
    6. If all else fails don’t hesitate to contact us.

There is still some old documentation for the 1.8 branch, some of which is probably still relevant for the new versions. You might want to browse these, too:

  1. The full documentation for versions < 1.9.0.
  2. FAQ for Bygfoot and the Bygfoot Team Editor, versions < 1.9.0.