External links

Here are some links to pages containing stuff that helped Bygfoot a lot.

Programs Bygfoot wouldn’t exist without

Glade — Damon Chaplin’s wonderful GUI-builder. It certainly doesn’t generate beautifully structured, elegantly written interfaces, but it saves you approximately 90% programming time.

Emacs — The best editor for Linux. Well, maybe not the best, but in any case better than Vi ;-)

Greyhounds — The BEST greyhound racing manager for Linux. Well… erm… probably the ONLY greyhound racing manager for Linux. Written by… me! Seriously: Greyhounds was my first graphical program ever, and of course Bygfoot is a lot better. But Bygfoot couldn’t be what it is without Greyhounds.

txt2tags — Well, Bygfoot would surely exist without txt2tags, but it made it a lot easier to build the old_site.

The Game That Inspired Bygfoot

Multi-player Soccer Manager was a DOS game I played with Windoze (this is unfortunately some C64 version or so); it absorbed me for days. It had a huge drawback, though: it crashed from time to time when saving games, and it always crashed when you’ve completed a season in the first league. So I had to write Bygfoot

Some of the sites linking to Bygfoot

Hosting the main project site. Many many MANY thanks to SourceForge.net for providing virtually everything an open source developer could wish for. It was happenstance that I picked SF.NET as host when I started Bygfoot, and it turned out to be a stroke of luck.

Another big and free OS hoster.

Guess what the first link is when you look for a “linux football manager” with Google? Right.

Another place you can find Bygfoot.

Yet another page linking to us.

Loads of LINUX Links Allegedly the no. 2 Linux site on Google.

If you know of another site we could submit Bygfoot to, tell us!.

One of the reasons why Bygfoot gets developed so slowly

Online chess is almost as addictive as Bygfoot — take care. Gyözö’s handle there is macska.