Feedback and Contact

If you enjoy Bygfoot you’ll probably enjoy interacting with the developers and other players as well. There is a lot of different ways to do so, thanks to the incredible, amazing, excellent, OpenSource hoster.

  1. The main public channel for feedback and interaction is the Bygfoot forum. Here you can
    • report bugs,
    • request help,
    • post feature requests,
    • discuss the game,
    • discuss the game code,
    • peek into current development stages.
  2. Join our mailing-list: Do you want to receive regulary information about new versions, tips, extra stuff, etc.? You can also join the mailing-list by sending mail-commands to <bygfoot-general-request_at_lists.sourceforge_dot_net>. The three commands you are most likely to use are `subscribe`, `unsubscribe` and `help`.
  3. And — last, but not least — you can always contact us personally. Write to Ronald Sterckx <ronald_at_bygfoot_dot_com> if you want to reach the lead developer of Bygfoot. Write him about game-related stuff like bugs, feature wishes, patches and praise. ;-)