Big “Thank Yous” to the following people for writing country files and suggesting interesting and often  unimplementable ;-) new features:

  • Arnaud Le Rouzic aka arnaudus (France; lots of hints on good programming style ;) ; French translation)
  • Frederic Forjan aka GeoVah; Alexandre Beraud (France; French translation)
  • Mark Symonds aka Vector (Australia; a lot of beautiful icons)
  • Cristian Spoiala (Romania; Romanian country file; Romanian translation)
  • Gerhard Hotz (Germany; former Debian packager)
  • Isaac Clerencia (Spain; Debian maintainer)
  • José Geraldo Gouvęa (Brazil; Brazilian country file; additionally: thanks for the homepage!; Portuguese translation)
  • Michal Rudolf (Poland; Polish country file, translation)
  • Pavel Lucistnik (Czeck Republic; BSD port)
  • Arturo Mendez (Mexico; Mexican country file)
  • Marco Fabbri (Italy; Italian country file)
  • Reviczky Ádám János (Hungary; Hungarian country file; Hungarian translation)
  • Andrej Kropachev (Russian translation)
  • Julio Saldivar (Chile; country file for Chile)
  • Arne and Tobe Deprez (Belgium; Dutch translation and country file for Belgium)
  • Mark Calderbank (England; country files for England, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Victoria, Bulgaria; some nice ideas and patches)
  • Rostislav “zbrox” Raykov (Bulgaria; Bulgarian translation; new alpha website)
  • Celso Goya (Brazil; Brazilian country definition)
  • Simon Binns (Australia; Windows port)
  • Pechorin (definition for Serbia & Montenegro)
  • Koen Pijnenburg (Netherlands; definition for the Netherlands)
  • Benyuan Liu (China; Chinese translation)
  • Marcelo Garrone (Spanish translation, splash screen image)
  • Daniel Nylander (Sweden; Swedish translation and country file)
  • Sebastián Moncho (Spain; Bygfoot Editors)
  • Christopher Hunter (USA; definitions for Argentina, Japan, Mexico, USA)

Forgotten anyone? Write me!